Multi-sports build better athletes – from USA Football

“If a child puts all of his or her efforts into one sport, not only do you run the risk of overtraining and lessening the child’s potential, you also have the chance that the sport becomes stale for the athlete,” said Brad Hatfield, a chairman of the kinesiology department at the University of Maryland. “Variety in the physical demands of sport training is often a good thing because it prevents overtraining – which can hurt performance – and it lessens degrees of physical and psychological exhaustion.

“Different sports bring different demands. Think of it as different links in a chain. If one area of athletic performance is weak, that can slow one area of growth. By doing other sports, those links are going to be addressed.”

The classic example is a baseball pitcher, where muscles and tendons are pushed beyond capacity by years of throwing. By participating in a variety of sports, athletes use those same muscles in different ways. – READ IT ALL…..

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