Proper Strength training for wrestlers – USA Wrestling – Danny Struck

Danny Struck, head coach of the Jeffersonville (Ind.) high school wrestling team agrees. “We don’t break (strength training) down for age as much as experience,” he says. “We have some 7th and 8th grade wrestlers that come to us with perfect form that have been lifting with us since 6th grade, they will do the same thing the high school kids with experience do.”

In his school system, Struck says the elementary-school coach does a great job incorporating different off-mat exercises such as kettle bell swings, battle ropes, pull ups, pushups, dips and other times to familiarize kids with the program.  At the middle-school level, he says wrestlers visit the high school weight room at least once a week during the season and typically begin with a basic routine that includes lifts like the bench press, box squats, and hex bar deadlifts.


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